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My Love Affair with Hair

The start of my Love affair with hair can be traced back to me being an 80's child. Combined with a Mother (who i'm sure won't mind me saying) has baby fine hair and you have yourself a crimping, hairspraying, mousing, plaiting, side ponytail obsessed parent, with her very own live "Girl's World"!

Every morning, getting ready for school was tantamount to the backstage of a Vogue runway. This you would think is every little girls dream........ "MUM!!", I cry, "CAN I NOT JUST HAVE A PONYTAIL LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!!"

I am kind of ashamed to say that I have, to my Mums horror, hidden many a letter informing parents of class photo day. This was in fear that she would burst with the thought of creating a masterpiece for such an occasion.

I think back then I was just hiding from any attention brought by the huge mane down to my bottom, lovingly enhanced by my mother AKA VIdal.

The beautiful Vivien Leigh

I was given my first set of heated rollers (the old fashioned ones with water inside) as a small child. I would watch my mum put these in without the use of a mirror and was in absolute awe. I loved the big curls all the Hollywood leading ladies used to have and set about trying to recreate these on myself.

Another big inspiration was my Nan. She introduced me to the old black & white films which I became obsessed with from an early age. One glimpse of Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind and I was hooked! After every film I watched I would attempt to recreate the style of the leading lady.

I can remember being on holiday at a very young age, coming out the bathroom with a bespoke Mel design. Going out that night my creation was complemented by the locals.

A bit later on in life for my High School Graduation, my mum agreed to let me do my own hair and makeup. I had to be different and went for a Hollywood classic...... A French plait, complimented by my gleaming train track braces. I had started to feel comfortable in my own skin. The Spice Girls were order of the day and I would channel my inner Posh Spice wearing a tailored suit with sleek hair.

Given a glimmer of sunshine and I would wear my denim flares, cropped top, finished proudly with huge foam wedge shoes in bright blue & pony-tails! I was young, free and single, without a care in the world.

Many years and many a hairstyle and fashion mistake later, I like to think I know who I am. I know what I like, what I suit and I'm comfortable enough in my own skin not to give a shit! I love big hair! Always have, always will. Bigger is always better in my book. I have blocked many a persons view at theatres, cinemas and the like with the volume of my hair.

I have always seeked to gain knowledge and learned from my experiences, good and bad. This has helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a Bridal Stylist. I really believe it's in my blood.

It's a great feeling seeing a client beaming back at you in the mirror, knowing that they feel beautiful.


I was going to finish with my celebrity inspirations, but to be honest the people who inspire me the most are those that don't have personal stylists. The quirky ones who really haven't got a clue how great they look.

Another inspiration is a little old lady I used to see walking past work. She was easily in her 80's but groomed to perfection with a splash of lipstick, blush pink to match perfectly with a little twinset. Her hair was shoulder length but perfectly pin curled in to place. A waft of lavender to finish, such a style. Little Lady, I salute you x

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